"Loom" by Carolynne Wilcox | A Staged Zoom Reading

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If a missing piece of equipment made it impossible to do your job, would you expect it to literally be a life or death situation? The Queen of the Dead is missing. “Loom” follows the story of the immortal sisters Clotho, Lachesis and Atropos, the Three Fates of Greek mythology, as they journey through dreams, human lives, and the land of the dead to recover a stolen item and solve the disappearance of the Queen of the Dead. Can they bring back the QOTD to her quarreling mom and spouse before the dead overwhelm the world of the living? Can Atropos prove her worth? Can Clotho live her dreams? Can Lachesis get everyone to just calm down and follow the rules? Join us for answers to these questions and so very much more. Written by Carolynne Wilcox | Directed by Rebecca O’Neil CAST Clotho - Cara Thomas Lachesis - Carolynne Wilcox Atropos - Cristin Fenzel The Queen of the Dead - Aimee Decker Hermes - Marcenus “MC” Earl Tickets on sale now. All tickets are PWYW.


Date and time

Friday / Mar 26

07:00 PM - 09:00 PM

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