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Emerald Theatre is located in Black Diamond/Maple Valley, serving Maple Valley/Black Diamond/Covington and surrounding communities.  We have been entertaining audiences for the past 12 years with cabarets, plays, and youth theatre performances. Join us this summer as we bring one of Shakespeare’s beloved comedies, The Comedy of Errors, to our South End Communities.  We are looking for actors who love physical comedy, are willing to play multiple roles and enjoy the creative process.

Rehearsals are Monday, Tuesday, Thursday evenings, and  Saturdays during the day (exact schedule given at callbacks).  Rehearsals begin the last week in June and run through the last Friday in August.  Tech week will be Mon-Fri.  Since many parts are doubled, all actors will be called to all rehearsals.  At this time, rehearsals are scheduled for Maple Valley (Lake Wilderness Park) but some rehearsals may be in Seattle at TPS. 

Callbacks the week of May 6.  Actors will be notified.

Performances will be the first 3 weekends in August:
Aug 3, 4 at Soos Creek Botanical Garden in Auburn
Aug 10, 11 at Lake Wilderness Park in Maple Valley
Aug 16 at Covington Community Park in Covington
*Aug 17 at Maple Valley Creative Arts Council Center in Maple Valley

*All performances except at the Creative Arts Center are outdoors.

We welcome both experienced and emerging actors 18+ and no prior Shakespeare acting is required.  BIPOC actors are encouraged to audition. Emerald Theatre celebrates people of all genders, sexual orientations, race, ethnicities, and abilities. We strive, always, to address and maintain a space that works towards anti-racism and DEI (diversity, equity and inclusion). 

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A man and his wife from Syracuse, plus their two newborn twin sons AND two newborn servants for their sons are shipwrecked and separated. Many years later, the son and servant who survived with the father set out to find the lost twins. They arrive in Ephesus where Syracusian are not welcome without paying to be in their city. Unknown to them, their father has set out to find them and has been imprisoned for not having funds to save himself. Also unknown to them, the lost twins reside in Ephesus. Since both sets of twins are identical, there are many mistaken identities and the traveling twins believing the town is haunted. The play ends with the reunion of the entire family, as the mother has also been living in Ephesus since the shipwreck. One of Shakespeare's early plays and his shortest.

This play is perfect for actors who love physical comedy, especially in the role of Dromio.

Audition requirements

Auditions are by video submission on our website on our audition page. You’ll need to submit 2 contrasting video recorded monologues, one by Shakespeare. Headshot (or recent photo) and resume can be uploaded on the audition form at our website. Make sure your video is set to “unlisted” or “public” (not private). Ability to get to auditions and performances. Be sure to list any conflict you may have

Character breakdown / Project needs
Duke of Ephesus. He is bound by law to kill any Syracusian who cannot pay $1,000 to stay in the city
A merchant of Syracuse. Father to the Antipholus twins
Mother to the Antipholus twins. Wife to Egeon. Also Abbess of Ephesus. She is a strong and compassionate woman who finds herself caught up in the chaos and confusion caused by the mistaken identities of her husband and sons. Despite the turmoil, she remains steadfast and supportive, doing her best to keep her family together. She appears at the beginning and ending of the play.
Antipholus of Ephesus
Twin born to Egeon and Emilia. Unknown to Egeon whether he survived or died, and where he might live. Twin to Antipholus of He is a wealthy merchant who is married to Adriana. He is known for being hot-tempered and impulsive, which often leads to chaotic situations throughout the play. Despite his flaws, Antipholus of Ephesus is also portrayed as a devoted husband who loves his wife deeply.
Antipholus of Syracuse
Twin born to Egeon and Emilia. Has lived with his father after the shipwreck, but has gone to find his long lost brother. Twin to Antipholus of Ephesus. He is portrayed as a rational and intelligent character. Unlike his twin brother, he is calm and level-headed, often trying to make sense of the chaos that ensues due to the mistaken identities. He is a man of integrity and honesty, which is evident in his interactions with others. Despite the chaotic circumstances, Antipholus of Syracuse maintains his composure and tries to find a logical explanation for the strange occurrences.
Dromio of Ephesus
Born the same hour as the twin Antipholuses. Twin to Dromio of Syracuse. Has been lost to Egeon with Antipholus of Ephesus for years. Servant to Antipholus of Ephesus. Twin to Dromio of Syracuse. He is an unforgettable character in The Comedy of Errors. His physical comedy, witty wordplay, and ability to bring laughter to even the most chaotic situations.
Dromio of Syracuse
Born the same hour as the twin Antipholuses. Twin to Dromio of Ephesus. Went with Antipholus of Syracuse to find the missing twins. Servant to Antipholus of Syracuse. Twin to Dromio of Ephesus. He serves as the comedic foil to his master, Antipholus of Syracuse. His loyalty to his master is unwavering. Despite the confusion and misunderstandings, he remains steadfast in his dedication to Antipholus. His unwavering loyalty adds a touch of heart to the comedic chaos and showcases his admirable character.
Wife to Antipholus of Ephesus.Adriana is depicted as a strong-willed and passionate woman who loves her husband deeply. She is known for her fiery temperament and possessive nature, which often leads her to be jealous and suspicious. Throughout the play, Adriana's emotions and actions add to the chaos and confusion that ensues.
Sister to Adriana and becomes love interest of Antipholus of Syracuse.uciana is depicted as a witty and sharp-tongued woman who is not afraid to speak her mind. She often finds herself caught in the middle of the chaos and mistaken identities that occur in the play, but she handles the situation with grace and composure. Despite the challenges she faces, Luciana remains steadfast in her beliefs and values, providing a moral compass for the other characters.
Kitchen wench/maid to Adriana. Wife to Dromio of Ephesus. She is a witty and vivacious servant in the household of Antipholus of Syracuse. Luce is known for her sharp tongue, quick wit, and playful nature, which make her a memorable and beloved character in the play. Voice only.
A goldsmith. He represents the honest and hardworking citizen of Ephesus, caught up in the madness caused by the mistaken identities. His interactions with the other characters, particularly the two sets of twins, result in comedic misunderstandings and hilarious situations. His role is minor in the play.
She is a skilled and professional courtesan, known for her beauty and allure. She is confident and assertive, always in control of her own destiny. Her presence is captivating, and she knows how to use her charm to her advantage. Despite her profession, Courtesan is not portrayed as a mere object of desire but as a complex and intelligent character. She also serves as a catalyst for the resolution of the play's main conflict. Courtesan's involvement helps to untangle the web of mistaken identities and sets the stage for a joyful reunion of the separated twins.
First Merchant
Friend to Antipholus of Syracuse.
Dr Pinch
A conjuring schoolmaster. Pinch is a renowned exorcist and a self-proclaimed doctor of metaphysics. He is called upon by Adriana, the wife of Antipholus of Ephesus, to help cure her husband of what she believes to be madness.
Second Merchant
To whom Angelo is in debt.
As a law enforcement officer in the city of Ephesus, Officer serves as a symbol of authority and order amidst the chaos and confusion that ensues throughout the play.
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video submission and audition form due by Friday, May 31, midnight -Callback TBD after receiving video audition

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Maple Valley, Covington, Auburn Washington

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$150 $150

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Callback TBD after receiving video audition. Open until filled

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Auditions are by video submission and audition form located on the audition page of our website

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