'CONSOLATION' Student Film - Casting Call

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About the project and the company

Synopsis: A man confronts a deeper part of himself after cheating on his wife.

(Includes a choreographed fight scene in the snow between lead roles.)

Other details

Rehearses one day on the same week before the shoot; shoots the second or third week of January for 2-3 days near Seattle, WA.

Audition requirements

A silent film, for auditioning I'd like to see a requested emotional display (ex. brooding over the death of your wife). The only roles that will require an audition are "Ego" and "Shadow". Online video submission.

Character breakdown / Project needs
Ego - Male
Role: Lead /// Age: 30-50 /// Skill: Fight Training or other /// Backstory: Ego has suppressed desires. Focused interests, convincing himself that he is happily married and in love. He cares deeply for his wife and kids and is a good person, perfectly harmless. He goes to church with his family. Works hard at a 9 to 5 job where in spite of deserving a promotion, he keeps quiet and acts comfortably. He’s okay with his wife’s disinterest in intimacy. Any thought which contradicts or goes against keeping this image is fed to Shadow. /// Characteristics: Ego practices qualities of emotionality and destabilizing. Heightened energy. Transferring from static into dynamic. Rational qualities transfer into irrational qualities. Indifference breaks into fluctuation and turbulence.
Shadow - Male
Role: Lead /// Age: 30-50 /// Skill: Fight Training or other /// Backstory: Shadow has reveled in all of Ego’s destructive unconscious desires and has been suppressed by Ego for a long time. This bottled up fear, shame, and anger has left him volatile. He wants a divorce, he wants to demand a raise from his boss or quit, he finds children annoying, he wants to pursue his sexual and other self-oriented interests. He holds resentment towards others, inadequacy, he sees himself as a bad parent. He’s cynical and angry at God. He wants to take action and express his aggression. /// Characteristics: Shadow practices the qualities of volatility and stabilizing. Dampened energy. Transferring from dynamic into static. Irrational qualities transfer to rational qualities. Fluctuation and turbulence are suppressed into indifference.
Paramour - Female
Role: Day Player /// Age: 25-40 /// Action: Waking up in bed dressed in a nightgown, she looks to Ego with concern.
Mirror (Paramour) - Female
Role: Day Player /// Age: 25-40 /// Age: Action: Dead; covered in blood from stab wounds. Ego holds her hand for an emotional beat.
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Seattle WA

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No compensation. Covered travel, lunch and crafty provided. No compensation. Covered travel, lunch and crafty provided.

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