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About the project and the company

I am about to enter my final semester of Film School at Cornish College of the Arts, and will be filming a feature-length Supernatural comedy revolving around two best friends, one on a journey to flirt with the sexy bartender, the other dragged along by force. Unfortunately, the bartender may or may not be the spawn of satan, and her bar-arcade may or may not be a labyrinth that’s analogous with the nine circles of hell. This film follows Andy and Gary as they enter and become trapped in a pocket dimension, and the only way out is by getting the High Score on every game, one room at a time. Fortunately, they get some help along the way, starting with Cory, Gary’s annoying brother. Unable to warn him from coming inside, he is at least able to get the final high score needed for the three to move forward. Several rooms later, they hit another game that seems unbeatable, but using a little subterfuge, they manage to convince Lisa, a badass redhead, to join their group for the common good. She agrees and beats the nearly impossible game, moving the growing group closer to freedom. Sadly, close to the end they catch up to a rival group of douchebags that begin to challenge their ability to hold on to their high scores, wasting their diminishing supply of quarters.

Location of Audition

1st Audition via Zoom 2nd Audition in Seattle, location will be sent to those we wish to call back. Email:

Other details

Filming will be primarily Friday's and Sundays, with some on weekdays after 6pm. Please provide availability.

Audition requirements

Choose a character or Characters you would like to audition for, prepare one of the scenes from the following link: Be prepared to perform at the 1st Zoom audition. Call backs will paired into groups to read together for in-person audition.

Character breakdown / Project needs
ANDY (early-mid 20’s male)
Closet nerd who wants to come across as a Jock. Likes to be in control, always decides what to do, and drags his best friend Gary along for the ride, despite his often belly aching. Hormones of a teenager, with about as little experience, not that he would admit that.
GARY (early-mid 20’s male)
Very proud of being an introvert, uneasy in crowds, even more so if his lifeline Andy isn’t there to be a buffer, would much rather be at home getting high and playing video games.
CORY (early-mid 20’s male)
Gary’s brother, intellect on par with a bag of rocks, but one of those big sweet teddy bears of a man. Wouldn’t hurt a fly, but he would probably lose that fight if he tried.
JACKIE (early-mid 20’s female)
Stunningly beautiful, sinfully seductive, she could easily have any man, but it's no fun if she doesn't torture them a little first.
LISA (early-mid 20’s female)
A fiery redhead who isn’t afraid to pick a fight.
DOUCHEBAG (early-mid 20’s male)
His name says it all, he thinks he’s the hottest thing since sliced bread, and if anyone questions that, he’s got two brainless brutes to back him up.
GRUNTS 1&2 (early-mid 20’s (fe)male)
Harry and Marv, Jasper and Horace, Bulk and Skull, Thing 1 and Thing 2, you know them, why reinvent the wheel?
Additional information
Preferred method of submission


Audition/Interview dates

Jan 3-4 2022 via Zoom

Pay type


Audition location

Seattle Washington

Pay type

$60-$80 per person overall $60-$80 per person overall

Callbacks or second audition/interview?

Jan 10-11 2022 in person, in Seattle, location TDB

Submission instructions

Submit a headshot and average weekly availability, and any prior commitments from Jan 14-Apr 15 2022

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