Imogen Says Nothing By Aditi Brennan-Kapil - Staged Reading

Albatross Theatre Lab

About the project and the company

Albatross Theatre Lab produces several staged readings and one full production per season. All of Albatross’s staged readings are considered for the mainstage production. Imogen Says Nothing By Aditi Brennan-Kapil is directed by Beverly Poole, an Albatross Affiliate Artist, and is the third reading in the 2019-20 season.

Albatross seeks to cast all races, genders, abilities, and experience levels.

Imogen Says Nothing is set in an Elizabethan England very like our own world, with all the diversity that requires. We invite and encourage you to audition for any part that interests you without concern for popular ideas of historical accuracy. We are interested in casting Shakespeare and his acting troupe as as a mix of genders to play the men. The reading will be performed in a modern day London dialect. Experience with Shakespeare helpful, but not necessary.

Imogen Says Nothing by Aditi Brennan-Kapil

Imogen Says Nothing by Aditi Brennan Kapil is a revisionist comedy in verse and prose featuring Imogen, a character who only appears in the first folio of William Shakespeare’s ‘Much Ado About Nothing’, speaks no lines, and is probably a typo. A play about the voices absent from our canon and the consequences of cutting them. Also, there are bears.

Location of Audition

Auditions will take place in room 108 of The University Heights Center. 5031 University Way NE Seattle, WA 98105 Video auditions also excepted at

Other details

Albatross Theatre Lab is located in Seattle, WA all auditions and performances are local. This audition notice has been posted on Theater Puget Sound's audition site. If you are reading it elsewhere it is without Albatross' knowledge or permission.

Audition requirements

Please prepare Shakespearean OR modern monologue under 90 seconds and email to schedule an audition time. If interested in Imogen please let us know in your email inquiry and we will provide you with side. If interested in Henry Condell or John Hemings please let us know in your email inquiry and we will provide you with the side. If you would like to submit a video audition please do so no later than 6p on 2.16.

Character breakdown / Project needs
A Bear passing as a woman. Very literal, sometimes called simple, tells good stories. Looking for a plus-size actress who is is comfortable with her weight being commented on in the script. Imogen gets the last word. I will only consider women for this part; trans women are women.
John Heminges
An actor with Shakespeare's troupe. Loud, frequently drunk, and close with Henry Condell. ALSO plays Leanato from Much Ado, and Ned Whiting, a bear. The Noble Beast.
Henry Condell--
An actor with Shakespeare's troupe. Clever, a jokester, surprisingly sweet, and close with John Heminges. ALSO plays Don John from Much Ado, and Antiginus from The Winter's Tale.
Alexander Cooke
An actor with Shakespeare's troupe. Experienced and knows it, plays the women's parts, and doesn't want a real woman on "his" stage. ALSO plays Beatrice from Much Ado, and Fluffy 1, a Bear.
Nicholas Tooley
The newest actor with Shakespeare's troupe. Sweet, gullible, green around the gills. Also plays Hero from Much Ado, and Fluffy 2, a bear.
Richard Burbage
An Actor with Shakespeare's troupe. Confidant, experienced, and a lover of the theatre. Also plays Harry Hunks, a bear. The Blind Elder.
William Shakespeare
An actor and a playwright. Also plays the Messenger and Friar in Much Ado, and Warden, who keeps the bears in their cell.
Owns Bears, and makes them fight for the fun. A performer, compelling, dangerous.Also plays Isaac, human, and Conrade and Benedick from Much Ado.
Anna Roos
Personal Lady's Maid to the queen. Dutch accent. Won't be quiet. Also plays Bear on Ice, an escaped bear.
Additional information
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Audition/Interview dates

2.16 3p-6p

Pay type


Audition location

Seattle WA

Pay type

None. Dinner provided. None. Dinner provided.

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Submission instructions

Please email with your headshot, resume, character(s) you would like to audition for, and preferred audition slot.

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