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Pullman.vs.Paxton Productions

About the project and the company

Calling all Misfits, Clowns, and Weirdos (and everyone in between!)

Hi. We’re PVP. We think a little differently. Are you a Veronica in a sea of Heathers? A Moritz in a room full of Anthonys? Maybe you just want to explore the musical theater landscape from a different angle? Dip your toe in modern reimaginings of the works that nourished your youth? Then we want to meet you!!! We are looking for actors, singers, and musicians to help us challenge the conventional notions of musical theater. Non-Traditional Casting Enthusiasts. Fellow appreciators of the intersection between low and high brow art. Worshipers at the altar of DIY and punk tradition.

Our 2023/2024 season is all about discovering “self” and includes an updated take on the classic musical Nine, a site specific staging of Carrie the Musical, and a third selection that is still TBD.

Pullman.vs.Paxton is a 501c3 non-profit group of musicians, actors, event producers, and artists. Our artistic mission is to draw upon our punk informed roots to create contemporary musical theatre that speaks to/reflects on modern day America. Our artistic selections speak to our vision of what the theater-going experience should be in 2023 – uninhibited and disruptive. Rule breaking.

As an extension of our artistic mission, we make sure to donate a large portion of our proceeds from each production to LGBTQ+ and LGBTQ+ ally non-profit agencies such as It Gets Better Project, Peace for the Streets by Kids from the Streets, Gay City Health Project, Freedom to Marry, and the Human Rights Campaign. Our most recent production of Heathers: The Musical in April 2018 had a sell out run and donated $3000 to It Gets Better Project. 

Let’s get honest!! Let’s be rough around the edges!! Let’s get goofy!!  

Goal of the Audition

Our goal is to experience YOU. Your personality, your particular flavor of sound, your musicality. When the magic comes out, we hope you give something that is very personal and free. We value authenticity over extreme preparedness. We are very lowkey and perfectionism isn’t a go-to in our vernacular. Don’t feel like you need to come in and nail it on the first try or have a super clean audition to be considered. We LOVE when you take risks. Our ideal audition situation is being able to see the human behind every performance. We want to know that our styles will be a good creative marriage and that we can meet each other with clear eyes and open hearts and minds. 

Date of General Audition

Monday, May 22 – 6:00-9:00pm in SODO (Please email for address.)

Callbacks for Nine

Callbacks for Nine will be by invitation only and will be held on Monday, June 5th. Click here to view our vision statement and character sheets.

Callbacks for Carrie


Location of Audition

SODO Seattle. Please RSVP for an audition slot and we will provide the address. :)

Other details

Please feel free to email us with questions or for more information about our upcoming productions!

Audition requirements

If you would like to be considered for our upcoming season: --- 1. Please email us a copy of your headshot and resume when you RSVP for an audition slot. --- 2. We ask that you please prepare two short contrasting song selections that demonstrate your vocal abilities. The song selections should be no longer than one verse and one chorus each. If you can, please provide pre-recorded backing tracks; otherwise, be prepared to sing a cappella (which is totally fine!). We will have sound equipment to play tracks on site. --- 3. Finally, please choose 1 of the provided materials to prepare as a spoken monologue to showcase your storytelling and risk taking capabilities. --- If you aren't able to make this date, we’d still love to see you via virtual self-tape!

Character breakdown / Project needs
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Preferred method of submission


Audition/Interview dates

Monday, May 22 - 6:00-9:00pm

Pay type


Audition location

Seattle WA

Pay type

$200 $200

Callbacks or second audition/interview?

Callbacks will be by invitation only on Monday, June 5th.

Submission instructions

Send us an email with your headshot and resume at pull.pax.prod@gmail.com to reserve an audition time.

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