Same-Sex Couple 20's/Early 30s, TV Spots for Local Credit Union

Spin Creative, LLC

About the project and the company

Casting call for local credit union TV spots + photos, no dialogue.

Seeking a real-life same sex couple (male/male or female/female) in their 20’s or early 30’s to portray a couple sitting around a backyard fire-pit, snuggling and drinking a beverage. Some on-camera or acting experience preferred but not mandatory.  Each participant will receive a day rate. Casting is open through 11/23. Callbacks will be in the form of a self-tape submission.

Role Description
Real-life same sex Couple sitting and snuggling at fire pit (20s-early 30s, Male/Male or Female/Female). Any race/ethnicity welcome.

Terms and Details
Flat rate of $300 per shoot day, per person. Non-union, full buyout.

Filming Dates
December 2, 3 and/or 16

Submission Instructions
Please submit your information here:


Audition requirements

Please submit information about yourself and new/current photos including a couple new/current full-length and full-body photos. Submit photos and info here:

Additional information
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Pay type


Audition location

Seattle WA

Pay type

$300 per day, per person $300 per day, per person

Submission instructions

Please submit your information here:

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