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Auditions are coming up for Paul Slade Smith’s Unnecessary Farce and we are looking to fill the Costume Designer role on our production team. The production will begin rehearsals April 3 and performances are May 26-June 11. This show features 7 actors with a few costume changes, and we are going for a 70’s look.

There is a volunteer stipend of $300 for this position. You will also receive two comp tickets and a discount code for additional tickets (that you can share with your friends and family). You may also fill the Wardrobe Manager role (costume cleaning) for an additional $100 stipend, or we will find a volunteer to support you. Costume Designers will have access to our Costume Shop and inventory and an additional budget for purchases.

If you would like more information about this opportunity, we’d love to hear from you! We can connect you with our director (David Alan Morrison), provide a script to peruse, or connect you with our volunteer costume shop manager to learn more about our stock.

Job Description

This is a volunteer position without compensation for services or time rendered. A small stipend to help reimburse travel expenses may be provided after the show closes. This guideline outlines the expectations for this position. Main Responsibility: Using the Playwright’s vision and the Director’s artistic vision, costume the cast using the overall concept of the Director within the framework of Edmonds Driftwood Players (EDP) requirements, under the supervision of the Producer. Other Responsibilities: • Attend production meetings as requested to ensure continuity of concept realization and coordination of design elements. • Coordinate schedule of cast fittings with Stage Manager and Director. Avoid dropping in and pulling actors from rehearsal. • Provide a selection of costumes for publicity photos. Date of publicity photos is to be coordinated between Producer, Director, CD, and Stage Manager. The producer will coordinate with the photographer. • Provide working rehearsal costumes as requested by Director. • Develop a comprehensive costume plot with timelines, character notes, quick changes, and duplicative roles (also known as an Action Chart). Design with an emphasis on what EDP has in stock and consider renting or borrowing costumes from other sources, prior to building new costumes or purchasing costume items. Talk to Producer or MD to arrange for volunteer sewing help, as needed. MD can provide full volunteer position description and additional resource materials upon request.

Required Qualifications

Experience fitting and at least pulling costumes from inventory (not necessary to know how to pattern and build from scratch).

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Edmonds WA

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Please email to express your interest!

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