Sound Operators for Shakespeare in the Park



About the project and the company

GreenStage is looking for people to set up and run our simple sound system that is used to amplify what’s happening on stage.

Our summer season consists of three tours, each of which needs someone set up and run a simple sound system. The kit of 2 speakers, a small board, speaker stands, microphones, and cords is fairly simple to set up and operate.

Our productions tour to several different locations in and around Seattle, being able to get around reliably is important.

The 2023 season runs from July 7 through August 12, performances Friday, Saturday and Sunday

Sound isn’t added until final Tech rehearsals.

We do not use recorded sound or run sound cues. The system consists of 3 border (floor) mics, two small powered speakers and stands, a small sound board, mic cables, extension cords and a battery power source.


Job Description

Sound Operators are responsible for * Setting up our simple sound system to performance locations * Arriving at performance locations at least an hour ahead of showtime (it’s much easier to run speaker and mic cables before audience arrives.) * Running a sound check before show, and monitoring sound levels during the run. * Taking down and packing up sound equipment at end of performances

Required Qualifications

Must have a basic knowledge of setting up and running sound equipment. Experience working with microphones and sound board is a plus

Other details

GreenStage is an all volunteer organization and all levels of experience are welcome to apply

Additional information
Preferred method of submission


Pay Rate

$500 stipend paid at end of run

Audition location

Seattle WA

Submission instructions

Email resume and cover letter expressing interest

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