Woodstock Chrysalis

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Woodstock Chrysalis is a new play by Ed Corrigan, a Seattle area playwright. This original work was developed at Salvo Studio Seattle.
The time is 1969. The place is the iconic Woodstock Music & Art Fair where 400,000 Hippies and Freaks show up for 3 Days of Peace & Music & Lord knows what else. What could possibly go wrong?
Our young hero, Maxine, is trying her best to navigate the turbulent waters of the late 1960’s. It is an era of war, the Draft, sexual revolution, counter-culture and protest. At nineteen years old, Maxine feels her life is upside down compared to little more than a year ago in High School. What was right in 1967 is wrong in 1969. What is right in 1969 was wrong in 1967. Confusing right?
Maxine’s 3 day journey at the Festival is a personal odyssey of conflict, self-discovery, moral crisis and, oh yeah, music plus fun. Can she overcome the 3 deadly sins of lust, wrath and envy? Can Maxine come-of-age in a way she can be proud of 50 years later?
Come celebrate Woodstock’s 50th anniversary at Valley Center Stage. As Jerry Garcia of the Grateful Dead said 50 years ago, “Woodstock is an epical, biblical event”.

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Maple Valley Creative Arts Center

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cold reading from script

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a young male college student, any race. He is bright and curious. He has lived a sheltered, traditional American small-town life, attending Catholic school through 12th grade. He has little dating experience and has never been in love.
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$50.00 actor stipend $50.00 actor stipend

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