Dacha Theatre
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Dacha Theatre

Founded in 2016, ​Dacha Theatre​ is a Seattle-based theater company that specializes in devised, immersive, and playful work. A “dacha” is a Russian cottage, a retreat and a time apart, a place for family where the generations mingle. Our Dacha seeks out stories that strike a chord of familiarity in our audience. We are constantly in pursuit of new ways to tell old stories and ways to make new stories resonate. The stories we tell are typically full of movement, comedy, and audience interaction. At Dacha, we believe everyone has a story worth telling. Our shows and events are always ticketed on a sliding scale, and have a pay-what-you-can option, so that no one ever has a financial barrier to see our shows. We look for diverse casts filled with storytellers of all backgrounds, including improvisers, dancers, artists, and folks who have never done theater before. Once a month, we offer our Dacha Jam, a pay-what-you-can workshop for creators of all experience levels.

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